Breastfeeding talk by Gina Yong

I started looking for a breastfeeding talk since August (after our first ante natal class in July) and found a quite renowned lady who gives talk on breastfeeding – Gina Yong. She is also highly recommended in forum. I decided to google about her and landed at her website. She has monthly breastfeeding talk, either in English or Mandarin. I wanted to join the class on September 8. I emailed her but to get a response that the class for September 8 was full. And, she asked if I were to join the class on October 13 instead. She also mentioned that the talk cost RM129, inclusive of her hardcover breastfeeding book (titled “Got breast milk? Breastfeeding is best feeding which cost RM48 by itself) and refreshments. She gave me her personal banking account too.

After thinking for a day or two and discussing with hubby, we decided to join the October 13 class. We transferred the money to her account and emailed her the confirmation. I was initially quite upset that I did not hear from her until I asked her to acknowledge the receipt of the email.


When the week arrives, she emailed and informed us that the venue for the talk will be in Sri Petaling. The map was enclosed and she reminded us to arrive on time as the class will start on time at 2pm.


True enough, after we arrived at the training centre (which is owned by another company), we were given the book and Gina started the class on time. She started by introducing herself and background with her motherhood stories before going into the details of the benefits of breastfeeding and how to do it. Both hubby and I find her class entertaining. There was laughter most of the moments. She also encouraged us to ask questions if we have any. Tea time was provided by a supplier of full moon packages – Delight’s Happy Full Moon Gift.

In between the break, some other supplier also introduced their products. Well, in fact, Gina did introduced her own nutrition products and services like Fitline and confinement home. However, it was done subtly where it was just mere introduction and no coercion.


Overall, the RM129 paid was value for money. We had a great time and equipped ourselves with better knowledge on breastfeeding. I am more confident on my ability to breastfeeding, hopefully exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months (provided no nonsense people – like mentioned in Gina’s talk – that come as obstacle).


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