Second Treatpoints redemption in 10 months with Maybankard Manchester United Visa Card

I have definitely earned back the service tax paid for my Maybankard Manchester United Visa Card (and the older card even though I cancelled it), which I applied in December last year. It is not because I am spending excessively, but to buy essential (grocery and baby stuff) using my card that help me benefit from the points accumulation – by “speculating” on Manchester United winning the English Premier League matches during the weekend.This is my second redemption after I did my first redemption in June.


Also, I would like to commend the service centre at One Utama’s Maybankard card centre for having their service on during the weekend. It definitely make the redemption easy for me – who wants to redeem Jaya Jusco voucher that can be used to buy whatever essential I need from the retailer – while at the same time earn additional member points. Redemption is on the spot with few officers manning the counters during the weekend. Well, this is definitely easy for shoppers (except for those staying out of Klang Valley).

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