Return purchase of sofa and dining table @ Seng SKH Furniture, Jalan SS 25/23, Taman Plaza, PJ

After more than two years of using the smaller size dining table (4 seaters) and the “hot” leather sofa (which is of lower quality because we did not have much budget that time), we decided to make a change. We wanted a bigger dining table to occupy “growing” number of occupants soon (actually just an additional baby for the moment) and to make the current 4 seaters dining table as my work desk (instead of me having to sit on a Japanese style on the floor). We definitely needed a new sofa set because the cushion of the older sofa has been tearing off.


We made a return to Seng SKH Furniture, our reliable local furniture shop. We actually went there on a Friday night and spent a good 30 minutes in the shop, listening to recommendation and making the decision. Our budget, though increased, wasn’t that much actually. After the good explanation and assurance, we decided to go for the “marble-liked” dining table (6 seaters), which also have better seat cushions. We also decided on the fabric kind of sofa, instead of leather sofa. The original price of the dining table set was about RM1,200 and it was on offer at RM1,050. On the other hand, the sofa was also going out on offer at RM800. So, the total bill comes to RM1,850, which was within our budget. We bargained a little and the owner decided to give us an additional RM50 off. We paid a RM100 deposit and agreed that it will come the following Thursday. 


In addition, we requested that they help us with moving out the older sofa. However, they declined except if we were willing to give tips to their worker on the day the new furniture arrived at our place. The reason being they do not have a spot to dispose older furniture and thus need to find place to dispose it.  We pondered on this – but later did not have them carrying away the old sofa away as we decided to retain it. We also requested that they come after office hours since we will be away for work. In addition, we wanted to pay by my Maybankard Manchester United Visa Card (to fast tracked the possibility of point accumulation over the weekend). Hubby requested that we come over to the shop after the furniture is sent to our condo – which they agreed.


We failed to receive a call from them on the following Monday and Tuesday. So, hubby rang them on the Wednesday. They actually remembered and already planning to come on the following day. On the Thursday night, we waited and they arrived about 15 minutes later than expected.



Nevertheless, we are overall satisfied with the service and the furniture (so far). We are happy that they could accommodate on our requests.

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