I have entered Motherclub @ Paradigm Mall (and in fact most of the shopping malls’) few times and noticed that they actually have limited choice and the price of their maternity clothing is rather expensive. However, last Friday, when we were in Paradigm Mall, Motherclub was having promotion of up to 70%. From their row of value buy clothes, two maternity clothes caught my eyes. They cost about RM79 and RM99 respectively. Well, they were expensive compared to the normal clothing that I bought so far – but having limited option, I decided to try on them. The maternity clothing was comfortable to my expanding body size. After some thinking, I decided to get the two maternity clothing.


While making payment, I was told that I could get 10% off for my second piece (the lower price of both). If I were to choose clothing, I would get 30% off. However, I could not find one that attract my eyes (due to their limited choice). When the cashier was writing the bill, she asked if I would like to have a bag (since it was a Saturday). Since we did not bring a recyclable bag on that day, we thought it was ok – for a 20 sen recyclable bag. However, we were told that it cost RM1 for their environmental bag. What makes me furious is – why do we have to pay for a bag that carries free advertisement for them? Moreover, if it is environmental bag, usually fashion outlets do give them out free for purchase of certain value. Well, this really serves me a reminder to bring along an environmental bag on Saturdays. But, it totally pissed me off to pay for the bag at Motherclub – they charges premium prices on their clothings, which lack of choice and yet want to charge the customers for their environmental bag.

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