Pre-natal massage at Soul Nibbana Wellness; Beauty Studio aka Daveleen @ Jalan SS2/3 PJ

We got to know about Daveleen located at Jalan SS2/3 PJ from my mother in law who spotted their advertisement on confinement items. We checked out the shop last week. Well, it is in a bungalow house itself. The place is a one stop centre for confinement. We were entertained by a lady name Jessie, who speaks Chinese and a little English. She introduced us to the packages and gave us a very rough idea on what are needed during confinement period. In summary, we find the items sold there are at premium price. In addition, I don’t find it too nice talking to her, as she seems not interested in sharing the knowledge and experience until we were confirmed her customer. In fact, she promised to send us an email on the items but for more than a week, she has failed to do so. Only something caught my attention – which was their pre-natal and post-natal massages. The pre-natal massage of one and half hour costs RM120 while for first trial it is RM95. I did not immediately placed an appointment until yesterday.

15 minutes before my appointment, Jessie called to find out if I were on my way. Upon arrival, I was asked to walk over to the next door bungalow. Once entered, I was greeted by their masseur, who was shocked to see my swelling foot – which had water retention. My first impression of the place was – it was rather similar to The Vie Spa & Relaxation (Legian Kuta, Bali). I went to the loo first and then sat on their sofa. I was given a form to fill up my details and was then served a drink (I think it was red dates tea). Then, I was guided to the floor above. My foot was washed with salt and then I was led to the room. I was told to remove my clothes and put on the disposal panty. She also told me to lie down on the bed facing sideway (on my right). She came in about 10 minutes later and the massage began with her massaging my back (left), left arm and then left leg. It was really relaxing and I fell asleep until she asked me to turn to my left side. Similarly, I fell asleep again until she asked me to face up. She told me that she would be applying some oil to my tummy to keep my baby warm. Next, it was a short head massage – where we concluded the session in one and half hours.

Overall, I love the pre-natal massage experience. It was really relaxing. I think so far, this is the best massage that I have gotten for all the massages that I went – including the Inner Glow @ Kuta Beach Street.

After I am done, I went down to their reception and find hubby sitting down waiting for me. At the reception, there was packages available. For example, I was encouraged to take up the six times pre-natal massage for RM528 (where it is RM 88 per session), which is cheaper than their trial session of RM95. However, given that I think it is better to see the condition of my body for at least one day, I declined the offer first. Well, the masseur did not pursued any further (i.e. no force selling). If everything is fine with me tomorrow, I would most likely return for the package. I was told that it is beneficial to get massage at least once a week after the 7th month. But, of course, even if I decided on the package, I would go there 2-3 weeks once instead of once a week.

Follow up read: Return visit to Soul Nibbana Wellness for pre-natal massage

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