Dining at Restoran Fong Yuan, Jalan Sultan Kuala Lumpur

The delicious pork rib @ Restoran Fong Yuan

Located next to the busy Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur, Restoran Fong Yuan is one of the air-conditioned café liked restaurant in the town surrounded by hotels (next to Swiss Inn Hotel) and backpackers inn (below Backpacker’s Traveller Inn). It is strategically located for the tourists and also office workers in the KL city. The restaurant is located near to the Pasar Seni’s light rail transit (LRT) and thus easily accessible.

It is open daily from 11 am to 11pm with intermittent break around 3 pm to 5pm. The place is usually packed during weekday lunch time.

The restaurant serves mainly Chinese food and some Westernised dishes (such as fries) to accommodate the need of the tourists. The food is mainly handed by locals or foreigners that have been working with the shop owner for years. Food and beverages prices are transparently displayed, which shows that tourists will not be price discriminated. The restaurant is well maintained with the owners ensuring that the place is clean.

Food wise- depending on what food you order, the quality of food is usually above average. Price wise, they charge a fair price; in fact they are cheap since they are located in the city.

Some seafood dishes:


Disclaimer: 17chipmunks is related to the shop owner by marriage.

2 thoughts on “Dining at Restoran Fong Yuan, Jalan Sultan Kuala Lumpur

  1. Not much to say about the food.. Just to voice out my anger as the waiter/owner there is superb rude! shame on them!

  2. Tourists beware! hold on to your pocket and be sure to get the prices quoted before ordering, you may get robbed here by the dishonest restaurant owners, operators. We were charged for almost 400.00 myr for a meal that is not even worth 150.00 myr.

    They certainly made bad names for Chinese Malysian business operators.
    I sincerely hope they would change to be honest to themselves and toward customers.

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