Magazines for mummies and mummies to be

I have started buying and reading magazines for mummies and mummies to be since end July. Well, my first purchases were “Motherhood” magazine and “BabyTalk” magazine. Subsequently, I got a stack of older issues of “BabyTalk” magazine at the International Baby Expo 10-12 August 2012, KLCC. I then bought September’s “Parenthood” magazine in the beginning of the month.

After reading three of the magazines, I will first eliminate “Motherhood” magazine because it is written in Singapore and for the Singaporeans. I find it difficult to relate it to the local market especially when it comes to introduction of baby products. I might have felt excited to buy the products described but it would be difficult to source from the Malaysians point of view. So, I decided not to continue buying this magazine. However, for a “foreign” publisher, the magazine is sold at an affordable pricing of RM6.50 (most probably because their printer is in Malaysia).

Both “BabyTalk” magazine and “Parenthood” magazine are good read for Malaysian mummies and mummies to be. “BabyTalk” magazine is thinner because it has fewer advertisements, compared to “Parenthood” magazine. But as a mummy to be, I don’t mind advertisements as it build awareness on the baby products available in the market and help me make comparisons. On content wise, given that “Parenthood” magazine has more advertisements, they can afford to have more pages of articles but this does not imply that the articles are in-house written as I can’t really see the by lines. As a consumer, I would prefer our local writers to write for the magazine rather than the editor plugging in foreign articles into the magazine.

Despite the number of advertisements, “Parenthood” magazine is priced more expensive – which is RM8.50 compared to “BabyTalk” magazine, which is RM6. If ringgit to content basis, of course, “Parenthood” magazine seems more worthy.

As for now, being a “newbie”, I think I will still purchase these two magazines.

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