Definitely worthy to be Jaya Jusco member

Paying RM12 per year to become a Jaya Jusco member is definitely worthy. Besides the members’ day and “gifts” for members during the members’ birthday, the most worthy thing to be received by the members are the rebate vouchers for up to certain spending. It is definitely worth having the membership if you are going to spend on groceries, attire or household goods anyway elsewhere – where Jaya Jusco could usually give you at good quality level – though it might come a little pricier.

For the period Jan to June 2012, hubby and I have accumulated points to redeem RM30, which outweighs the cost of RM12. Hubby and I only applied one membership, whereby we pay one member’s fee but we have two separate cards, since we want to total up our points in the same account.

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