Halford S8 Stroller and Baby Carrier from thebabyoutlet @ Tropicana City Mall

We have been pondering much and doing a lot of survey on an economical baby stroller and carrier, which are also lasting. We had to admit that we were clueless when it comes to the decision. In fact, we have visited quite a number of baby stores to get an idea.

It was only on last Saturday when we were in thebabyoutlet @ Tropicana City Mall, the lady assistant came and spoke to us. Thus, we were given some recommendation, which include Halford and Maclaren (another brand which forgotten the name). Halfrord is a local made brand. We also spoke about My Dear brand. The lady assistant told us that based on experience, My Dear brand is less long-lasting. We really enjoyed speaking to the lady who took the initiative and time explaining in a lengthy and patient way.

The one that she recommended was Halford S8 Stroller with the baby carrier. They can be purchased separately. Nevertheless, if both are taken at one time, it will cost RM999 (before a 20% discount), which is RM799.20. The product demonstration on the stroller and carrier was given. She also compared this to the Maclaren’s stroller (which I have forgotten the model number). Nevertheless, with just the stroller, Maclaren’s is already more expensive that Halford S8 Stroller and Baby Carrier. We had a dilemma on whether to purchase a far more expensive stroller and carrier. We fear that our baby end up not using it (to the max); but at the same time, this is necessary especially the first few months – going outdoor – to the clinic and in-law’s place. We were also told that the promotion is up till the next day, which is September 2 – the last day of Malaysia Mega Sales Carnival 2012. She told us that the item has been on promotion more than two months. At the end, both hubby and I decided to go home to have a thought about the purchase. [We actually dropped by at myBBstore.com located at Zenith Corporate Park, Kelana Jaya. The price was same and service was not that good as we were left unattended. The only difference is myBBstore.com carries two colours – brown and red, while thebabyoutlet only carries red colour – as they think that the brown one is a little odd colour.]

Back home, we did some survey about Halford brand. It seems “ok”. The only limitation of the model we wanted is heavier than the others. The stroller weighs about 10kg, while the Maclaren’s about 7kg. So, it could be a little challenging for me to handle the stroller. Nevertheless, after a night of thinking, we decided on this brand and model.

We went back to thebabyoutlet yesterday. Unfortunately, the lady assistant is on leave. We were served by another guy assistant, who demonstrated the product again. We requested the demonstration over and over again. We also tried on the product ourselves, fearing that we do not know how to use it. After about 10 minutes of testing, we decided on it. We made the payment by credit card and the items came in a box and a plastic. We wanted to see if the product is ok at the spot, but the guy assistant told us that once taken out, it could not fit back into the box. So, we decided against it (which we regretted). We were told that if there’s any problem, we have to bring it back within 3 days. There’s a product warranty of one year, but it starts immediate, rather than from the delivery date.

Back home, hubby took about 10 minutes to fix in the wheels and testing the product. At the end, it is being removed from the box (that is why we regretted not having the guy fix it for us). Well, so far so good. We hope it will be utilized fully and also it will last quite some time.

Personally, I think the service provided by thebabyoutlet, especially the lady assistant is excellent. The guy assistant is shyer, and we need to prompt him in order to tell us more.

Well, we ticked off one item on the buy list. There’s still some hunting to do within these four months.

One thought on “Halford S8 Stroller and Baby Carrier from thebabyoutlet @ Tropicana City Mall

  1. i strongly recommend you to visit The Baby Tree.Com at Wangsa Walk Mall and look for their boss…..she was very professional and explained things to the most accuracy. I had my S8 stroller bought there a couple of months ago and never regretted it….. her explanation is more than what we can expect from any ordinary retail shop…… no doubt about their service….. i rated them 5 star…..

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