Making bill payments via CIMB Clicks

I recently have a new account with CIMB Bank; my first time having a savings account with the bank. This is due to my company payroll purpose. As a result, I have access to CIMB Clicks. Coincidently, our JMB recently allows its residence to pay bills via CIMB Clicks. Why not then pay via CIMB Clicks?


Compared to bill payments via Maybank, Public Bank and OCBC Bank, I found that with CIMB Clicks – the convenience is we can actually make a list of payees first before submitting all the payments at one shoot. Therefore, we are only required to request one TAC password. We also could have a view of the list of bills that we are paying too. I like this initiative. Nevertheless, the setback could be if the bill payments are made to different payees, it would be difficult to print out separate transaction bills.

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