Hassle in closing the trading account with Jupiter Securities

After sending out the forms to close the trading account with Jupiter Securities, I received a call from them on the second working day. The called was made by a man, Chan, who spoke as if he was sleeping.


He told me that my signature differ from the one I gave during my initial sign up. I was puzzled,as I did not change my signature at all. I asked him if he could scan and show me the previous form – to see how the signature differ. To my surprise, he said that his backroom office does not have a scanner but fax machine (what century is this?). He told me that he would check how different is the signature from the one I recently signed on, and will call me back shortly.


Five minutes later, he called me and said that my signature was missing an exclamation mark. I am not sure how true is it – as I could not remember how I signed recently and in the past. I had no prove. Then I told him if I could just print, sign, scan and email to him the form. I used ECM Money as an example – which allows me to do so. He said this is not the procedure. And subtly mentioned “why not just leave the trading account there?” He made me so mad! If I would have leave the account there, I would not have to go through this process. And told him off that it was my company policy that requires me to do so. I had no choice but to go through the process again – including wasting my courier fee.


After relating the incident to hubby, he told me to call the office direct and complain about this issue. So, I actually wrote an email explaining what has happened. Sadly, the same response was given to me via email – and with only slight apology.


What I am truly not happy about: when Chan told me to leave my account there. Is this a tactic for them to retain their database? Also, can’t they invest in buying/ renting a scan machine – which now most offices do have – 3 in 1 printer, scanner and fax?

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