Closing of trading accounts with ECM Money, HLe Broking and Jupiter Securities

Due to company HR policy, I am required to close down all my trading accounts. I had three trading accounts, which I signed up when I was in my previous job, because of one of my assignments. They are from ECM Money, HLe Broking and Jupiter Securities. Nevertheless, I totally underutilized them as I did not trade at all. I only used it for their research information. As a result, ECM Money and HLe Broking had my account suspended. Jupiter Securities was the most friendly to allow me to use their information without barring me.

When I wanted to close the trading accounts:


  1. Jupiter Securities:

I actually made a call to them and their customer service officer asked me to come over to their office. Thinking that I will be on leave on August 17, I made an effort to go to their Subang Jaya branch. It was difficult to find the place and I called the office. It was lunch time and no one was in the office – but a person who is not related to the company – picked up my call and told me about no one is in the office during office hours. So, I called the headquarter’s customer service again, only to be told that I can drop them an email and they will send me the necessary documents to fill up. I did it when office re-opens after the Raya holidays. My email was responded within hours and I was required to fill up 3 forms and a letter, which I had n send to their office. I courier to them on the Saturday.


2. HLe Broking

At first I thought I did not have to close the trading account since it was already suspended. But, I took an initiative to drop them an email asking if I need to close the account. Yes, I needed. My email was responded within hours and a form was attached with the email. Similarly, I was required to fill up the form and passed it back to them. I courier to them on the Saturday.


3. ECM Money

For ECM Money, they did not have a customer service email at their website but to fill up their query form. After filling up and within hours, their officer called me. I told them my issue and he said that he can email me the form. The email was sent to me and I was only required to fill up, scan back and email back the form to them. This was so much easier.

On closure of the trading accounts, from my experience, ECM Money was the easiest – time consuming and cost saving. I was kind of furious of Jupiter Securities for making me go around about. Nevertheless, it is all done. Anyway, thankful for their service of providing me research information for free for  the past two years.

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