Chow Yang Foot Reflexology, SS2/67

After some nights of leg cramps (due to pregnancy), finally we decided to get some calf massage (for myself). We decided to go to Chow Yang Foot Reflexology (SS2/67), which hubby’s colleague recommended. It is located few doors away from Zouk Spa. We have actually passed by this center many times and each time they are fully occupied (especially at night).

So, we were there just now. Upon entering, a lady, whom I think is a local, showed us the menu with the services and prices. I decided to take on their one hour reflexology with the instruction that they only massage my calves while hubby decided to go for their 40 minutes reflexology and 20 minutes shoulder massage. Excluding the service charge, it was RM 55 (for hubby) + RM40 (for myself). The total, with service charge (6%), comes to RM100.70. [Payment can be made via credit card. According to hubby (from his observation), it seems that this center charges more than the other reflexology around the area. ]

Soaking the feet into hot basin of water

There weren’t many people when we were there. It started with soaking our feet into the hot basin of water. And, then the massage began.

Before massage starts

The massage starts

Hubby enjoying shoulder/back massage

Well, I would say the place is clean and bright. It is open space where we can see one another being massaged. Hence, there is no need to remove clothing even for shoulder massage. This is unlike Zouk Spa, which is dim, and has more privacy They have a person who cleans up the center – which includes toilet, window, floor and also the place where we sit for massage. I feel that they score A in their cleanliness. It has a very quiet ambiance except for the masseurs chatting with one another.

Service wise – I think it really depends on the masseur that massages you. Compared to hubby’s masseur, I think that mine was a little unfriendly. Personally, I feel painful during the process but after the massage, I felt that my calves were much “lighter”.

Anyway, I still prefer Balinese massage (especially the one at Inner Glow @ Kuta Beach Street) that enables me to relax compared to this form of reflexology.

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