Samsung Galaxy S3 cover from Pasar Malam at RM10

When we purchased my Samsung Galaxy S3, we bought its cover for RM20. However, I dislike the colour (they have limited choice colour for the cover texture that I wanted). Further than that, when I tried to charge my phone, the phone USB’s cable falls off easily because the area linking to the cable is being blocked by the cover. It was impossible to charge without taking off the phone cover.


We went to Pasar Malam at SS2 on a Monday night. We found that there was a range of covers available plus it is only RM10 for the cover. Thus, we bought a cover – a rather transparent type cover, which is certainly nicer than the previous cover. While I am able to charge my phone with the cover on, it is easily removed too – if accidentally touched (but it does not happen if I exchanged hubby’s Samsung Galaxy S2 charger). Nevertheless, definitely a worth buy compared to the one we got with the phone.

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