Taking dessert @ One Dessert, SS2/60

We noticed that there’s a new dessert stall at SS2 when we passed by to look for something light for supper. So, we decided to stop by at One Dessert, SS2/60. Well, the shop was rather packed at that hour (around 11 something at night).


We managed to get a seat inside the shop. We were given the menus. They specialize in dessert and dim sum. After browsing through, we decided to try their peanut sweet soup, black sesame sweet soup and mango glutinous rice noodle. We wanted the dessert to be hot. We then called the waiter who only handed us the slip to note down what orders we wanted. After marking down in the blank recycled piece of paper, the slip was taken away.


Around 5 minutes later, our dessert arrived. We found out that the soup desserts were cold. We told the waiter that we wanted hot ones and if they could exchanged it. To our amazement, the waiter said out loud that “the microwave sudah rosak (is spoilt)”. So, we had to take the cold desserts. But, we were truly disappointed with this kind of service. First, they should have informed us in the first place that the hot soup desserts were not available. And, secondly, it just tells us that the hot soup desserts are not fresh – as it is being microwave hot instead of getting it from the hot pot of dessert. On the other hand, the mango glutinous rice noodle was something different that we tried.


The place was rather noisy as they played Jay Chou’s concert video and it is not wifi-ed, I think. Also, they have not gotten enough helpers in the shop. Used bowls were left unattended in one of the far end table. When we asked for the bill, the waiter ignored us initially. And, when we asked for the second time, he asked us to come to the counter instead. Well, they should note that at their counter that payment is to be made at the counter.

I am personally disappointed with the service there. However, I think they have a wider choice compared to KTZ Food.

One thought on “Taking dessert @ One Dessert, SS2/60

  1. Looks like the owner is so hard up for biz tht he cannot even allow a young boy to use the toilet. He said there wasn’t any free toilet OMG!!! So money minded n calculative!!!

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