Samsung SIII @ Phonegate Sdn Bhd, K-FO7, First Floor, Digital Mall, Section 14

It was a “turbulent” week for me. Hubby was admitted to hospital on 15 August. However and fortunately, he was discharged on 16 August. After returning home, he told me that he wanted to get me a birthday gift, which is he thought of buying on the day he was admitted. I really had no idea what I was going to get. He said that I just need to get into the car. Several locations were flying on my mind with the direction he was going – it could be Paradigm Mall, One U or The Curve. For each mall, I was figuring out what will the gift. He then turned into SS2 area from LDP – hem, the last venue I could figure out was Amcorp Mall? Then, we finally arrived at Section 14, Petaling Jaya. I had no idea what we could get it – except for a replacement speaker? As we approached Digital Mall, my mind then figured out – could it be Samsung SIII?

Upon arrival, I think I got my hunch right. We passed by Netzcom Sdn Bhd where we got our Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and also the authorized dealer/ distributor of Samsung tabs and phones. So much guilt was running on my mind – should we waste money buying SIII while we had much more items to buy for our baby? We skipped this kiosk and moved to first floor. We stopped by three kiosks and asked about the pricing. I told him that “I don’t want”, but finally at Phonegate Sdn Bhd (K-FO7, First Floor) – I relented. My little devil came out and gave way.

So, he bought a Samsung SIII for me. Well, I would say, this is my most expensive birthday gift ever in my life. I don’t remember my parents getting me a present that expensive before. We were quoted RM1950 for the phone itself. We need to add on RM10 for the screen protector, RM20 for phone cover and RM50 an additional 16gb memory card. So, it comes to RM2,030. After deciding, hubby then went to the ATM – because this will be cash price. A 3% charge will be imposed if it is paid via the credit card.

After withdrawing money, we went back to the outlet. Despite nearing the operation closing hour, the man took some time to explain on the different kind of screen protector – and took the choices of colour of phone – white or pebble blue, plus the phone covers. Hubby requested him to transfer data from my blackberry to the new phone. He also helped us to cut the SIM card – a smaller size which can only fit into SIII. It was getting late and we did notice some feeling of impatience among the staff at the counter who wanted to go home. At the end, all was done.

Hubby also purchased an additional 16gb memory card, which cost RM50. The total bill came to RM2,080. Given that it was after the closing hour of Digital Mall (9.30pm), we got to walked out through the back way.

Hubby’s rationale of getting the phone from other outlets than the authorized dealer/ distributor of Samsung at Digital Mall is because there is more bargaining power from those outlets. The original price of the phone is RM2,199. Also, given that Samsung SIII is new, there is very low likelihood that it comes pirated.

Thank you hubby for the gift and making me feel guilty. ♡

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