Older issues of Baby Talk magazines @ International Baby Expo 10-12 August 2012, KLCC

I got my first copy of Baby Talk magazine in the last two days before I started work. Well, it was a nice read actually.

At the end of our journey at the International Baby Expo 10-12 August 2012, we stopped at the Baby Talk magazines booth. They were selling the old copies of the magazine at RM4 per magazine. I was actually interested to get the copies. The sales lady (she gave me a name card where she is from the publishing company) told me that they were also having a promotion where if I get 7 copies, it will be going for RM20. I didn’t mind the older issues because parenting is not something that get outdated fast. After the payment was made, I was actually given a free Tea Tree Dry Skin Relief and some packets of EnfaMama milk.

Well, a great buy for me.

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