Mille Crepe @ Nadeje Patisserie Café, Plaza Mahkota

Our last foodie stop on our stay in Malacca was at Nadeje Patisserie Café (located at Plaza Mahkota). They are well known for their mille crepe. Upon arrival, we choose our mille crepe. I choose double chocolate mille crepe, which cost RM9.50. The prices range from RM 8 to RM9.50 depending on the flavor that you take.

After ordering, they also passed us their menus. But, we did not put in further orders but two glasses of plain water (which was free of charge). The café has a good ambience and comes with wifi. A nice place to hang around if you are already feeling the heat from the ground. Besides Plaza Mahkota, they are now also located in Melaka Parade, which is the next door shopping mall.


Personally, I don’t really favour mille crepe. Hence, I have no particular comment about the cake.

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