Satay celup @ Restaurant Ban Lee Siang, Jalan Ong Kim Wee

For our first night dinner, we decided to have satay celup. Hubby has decided to drive there after looking at the map, which was a perfectly wise decision. We were tired and the road towards Restaurant Ban Lee Siang from our hotel seems “far”.

We managed to get a parking spot at the housing area facing the row of shops where the restaurant is located. Strangely, the same restaurant name has two different shops next to each other. With exactly the same name, the only difference is the design and the waiters’ and waitresses’ dress code. We had no idea if the food tasted the same. We decided on the one located on the left side of the main street.


Upon entering the shop, we were asked to choose a place. We were then told that it is self-service, where we will pick the ingredients that we want from the fridge. Each stick cost 60 sen. We were also asked if we wanted bread, which we then ordered a plate. We also ordered two glasses of ice water (later on added another glass). The stove was heated up and we then placed in (or celup) the ingredients in the stove of satay sauce. The ingredients are ready to be eaten once it is boiled. Occasionally, the waiter will come over to stir the stove, to prevent its bottom from being burnt. At the end, we had 19 sticks. Including the one plate of bread (which cost 60 sen) and three glasses of water, the total cost is RM12.90. Wow, this was a cheap and satisfying meal. Worth trying.



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