Enfa Mama A+ from Pasaraya Megaherbs & Food Sdn Bhd, Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya

After selecting Enfa Mama A+ as the milk of choice (it has two flavours that are vanilla and chocolate), of course, there is some hunting to do – getting the best price. The retail price stated at its 900g tin is RM 59.


On our first buy, which is made is Carrefour Midvalley, it was at RM53.90. After surveying some other places, we noticed that the price was never below RM53.90. It was one morning when I was attending my Cool Clay class and went into Pasaraya Megaherbs & Food that I found that its price was at that time RM53.50. In the mini mart that is operated by a Chinese family (I think), there are actually a lot of brands of milk for both mummies and toddlers. I guess they are offered at affordable, if not cheap, pricing.

So, I decided to bring hubby on a Sunday night, which is few days later. We were glad to find that the price has been further reduced to RM51.90 (from its “said” original price of RM55.90 – as stated in the cancelled price tag). After close to three weeks, we returned for an additional tin. It was still at RM51.90. When the man key in the price, it was first stated at RM53.50 (and not the said mark up price of RM 55.90) and it was then adjusted to RM51.90. This implies that it’s fixed price at Pasaraya Megaherbs & Food is at RM53.50.


Payments can also be made via credit card. I guess we will frequent this mart for milk in the future.

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