RM25 voucher from Clarins’ accumulation points and Clarins 400ml toning lotion

After close to a year being a Clarins’ member, I have accumulated some points that enable me to redeem some cash voucher. Despite spending quite some sum especially on skin spa, I only managed to get RM25 voucher. I really have no idea how many points that I actually gotten to achieve this RM25 voucher. As mentioned before, the Clarins’ membership total accumulation points is not too transparent. The most that we can see is the accumulation point from the current purchase.


According to their description on gift redemption points, I was probably in Tier 1 where 7,500 points will enable RM 100 redemption voucher. Given that my redemption voucher is only RM25, the points that were redeemed were probably 1,875. This would mean that I spent at least RM188 on products or RM375 on treatment. As far as I am concerned, I have definitely spend more than that. So, it remains ambiguous to me. Even when I picked the voucher up from the beautician, Mandy, she failed to explain to me on this. Also, the voucher can only be collected from the outlet where we registered as member, as per their membership description. This makes it inflexible for me given that I no longer work near the Curve and thus, I had to make a special trip to the outlet despite being in the One Utama’s outlet recently for a skin spa.

Upon receiving the voucher, I immediately use it to purchase its toning lotion. They have come out with a 400ml bottle, which cost RM142 [which is currently cheaper than the price sold on Strawberry.net]. This is definitely cost saving compared to their 200ml bottle that cost RM90. With the RM25 voucher, I only paid RM117 for the toning lotion. At the same time, I accumulated an additional 1,420 points instead of 1,170 points. Well, after some calculations by Mandy, I was told that I need to spend about RM500 by October to get an RMX value of voucher again. I guess there’s low likelihood that my spending will go up to RM500 by October. So, the points could be burnt.

One thought on “RM25 voucher from Clarins’ accumulation points and Clarins 400ml toning lotion

  1. the points were ambiguous to me too! I think i didnt collect the points when i made purchases earlier on. But thanks to your blog on “Clarins Club Beaute Plus”, i had been collecting n keeping track on my points to get the vouchers.

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