Trying out at Ice Bowl, SS2/67

Ice Bowl has been existent for some months but we never got a chance to drop by since we are quite addicted to Isenbin. It was one fine Sunday night that we gave it a try. The order was made at the counter. Hubby ordered green bean ice (he actually mistaken it as green tea ice) while I ordered red tea. I told the staff upfront that I wanted it to be less sweet and she said “ok”.


We were then given the “beeping ufo”, exactly similar to the one in Snowflake. Therefore, we had to take our orders from their counter despite them having not much business and their staff lazing around the counter. My first taste on the red tea – “it was TOO sweet.” This was despite me telling them upfront. I asked them to add on more ice to the tea so that I could dilute the sweetness. Hubby’s green bean ice was average. We were slightly disappointed.

Well, the prices are as per the general trend. They also offer some light snacks and also wireless internet. Will we return?  – Only if we don’t have any other choice. Moreover, dessert houses are blossoming in SS2.


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