Shopping at Labels Couture, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama

I need new work clothes for my new job since I could no longer fit into my old work clothes. Sadly, pregnancy has resulted to me outgrowing my clothes. Since hubby was at his usual hair saloon for his hair cut, I shopped around the area.


I noticed that Labels Couture was having offers. I went into the shop, where I was the only customer. The sales assistant, Michelle (as noted in the receipt), came to ask what were I looking for. I told her that I am looking for bigger size dress. She politely asked if I were pregnant after looking at my bulging tummy. After nodding to her question, she quickly looked for some dresses that may suit me. Seriously, there weren’t many, as most dresses are for slimmer and trendy ladies (rather than pregnant ladies). She managed to spot one where she related that one of her customers who was pregnant could wear the dress up to seven months. I looked at the design and quite like it. I agreed to test on the clothing after I was told that the dress is about RM49 (after 50% discount). There were three colours and I chose the dark blue one.

So, I put on the dress. (While I was in the changing room, she did showed me other dresses, which I told her to be patient and let me try the existing one first) After putting on the dress, I came out from the changing room and asked if that was the correct way of putting it on. She then helped me adjust the dress slightly. I took a look at the mirror, and I indeed like the dress. The material (cotton) was good as well. Michelle then gave me another dress to try. However, the second dress was kind of tight.


I looked around the shop. Well, I guess I was just down to one dress in Labels Couture. I made my payment of RM49.95 and was given a free recyclable bag for the purchase. Before I went off, she told me that new stocks will come in about a week’s time and invited me to come and have a look by that time.

Overall, I am satisfied with the service provided. Given that I was the only customer there, I was given full attention. I was glad that I told her what I needed (despite initially feeling “shy” and a little pressured – since I was the only one there).

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