17chipmunks will be back in the workforce

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After going through 18 formal interviews and informal chats, 17chipmunks have finally landed herself a job (after being jobless for a month plus). Yes, it was a tough “ride” and at one stage, tiring because I have to go through the same process of “test” and “exam” over and over again. It was especially tiring during the early weeks of job seeking as I was in the first trimester. The hormone imbalances have really made me sick. Once into second trimester, I can really feel the difference – more energetic.

Throughout this period, I have learned more about myself, write a convincing resume, improved my grammatical skills (as I went through self-study to get through the “simplistic” English tests), build my own self-confidence, techniques of answering interviewing questions (I had a bunch of notes now)  and also find out my career interest. I would admit that I was dazed at my first choice of going into “education and training”. The selection was “wrong” after being questioned by some interviewees. I guess I did not know what I really wanted at the first place (until I really sit down and do some of the tests).I was in a hurry to apply for jobs and did not really understand my true wants. Also, I realized that my English is “bad” if I go offline – that made me studied hard on English, downloaded and installed some applications on my Samsung Tab to learn English.

The hardest hit was after I went through nearly three hours of waiting, tests and interview – and I think I presented myself well, I was then rejected the offer right on the spot for being “pregnant”. I could not forget how I was discriminated. The human resource manager (who is a lady) told me at my face together with her three colleagues sitting there: “Our company (and I believe all other companies out there) would not hire expecting mothers!” It really shows how uncompassionate they are. They sounded as if “they have no mothers”. Well, I guess I shall expose who they are – because I speak nothing but the truth – they are OSK Investment Bank. This was really demoralizing.

Other than that, another worst case is having gone through a one hour test at 12pm (where they asked me to come at that time), I had to wait till after their lunch hour because their principal wanted to see me. The administrator told me that the principal wanted to see me personally, unlike most other interviews. She said that this time was “different”. When I got to see her, in less than five minutes, she just said that she wanted to see my sample work. I was not sure if they were fooling me. It was really a waste of my time. This is no other than Smart Reader.

These are the two companies that require me to state whether I was pregnant during the application process.

Another case was – I was called for an appointment with the CEO with the email title “career opportunities with XXX”. When I arrived there, the CEO blatantly told me that it was a mistake. He did not know where went wrong that his personal assistant called me for an interview. His purpose was only to have an informal chat with me to find out “why people are leaving my previous industry”. This was another case of time wastage, and not taking into account the cost of travelling. Well, this could be a genuine mistake so I choose to leave out their name.

I am grateful that my resume actually attracted more than a dozen organizations. In fact, I have not sent to some potential ones because they were my least preferred choice. I have gone for interviews every week since I left my previous job. Towards this week, in fact, I have rejected one interview because I have more or less made a choice – with two preferred job offers came banging on my door.

Since the incident of being rejected after an interview because I was expecting, I have been upfront before the interview about my condition. It proves that there are still compassionate employers out there. They have accepted my conditions. In fact, they offered me jobs. I have also to make choice of going freelance or getting a permanent position. And, I was even “headhunted” by a competitor company – which I choose to reject because I did not want to get back into the same line of work and I personally feel bad if I were to join a competitor though it does mean I can compete with my former boss.

I finally picked one of my top choices. This is just the beginning of a new journey and hope everything turns out good. Nevertheless, I am aware that I would be losing my maternity benefits, as I will still be in my probation period when I go off for delivery. Well, hopefully my employer does give a better consideration over this issue. I seriously can’t ask more when they decided to give me this job. To repay back their sincerity, I would, of course, work harder.

After close to one and half month at home, I seriously think it is not time for me to retire yet. Also, I start to feel “useless” sitting at home, doing nothing.  I was demotivated especially when people ask me “what are you currently doing?” and “how is your job search process?” Well, this is a phase that I thought I could handle but it proves difficult. We have greater life goals to achieve, which of course requires financial resources! I also realise that I have quite many wants (although frugally) and being dependent solely on single income at our age is certainly difficult.

Follow up read: 17chipmunks was given employment confirmation in 3 months

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