Breastfeeding talk @ Klinik Kesihatan Kelana Jaya

I was asked if I could make it to the breastfeeding talk @ Klinik Kesihatan Kelana Jaya on my first visit to register a buku merah. And, since I am on my career break, I thought I could just fill up my time and learn something from the talk. I was told to come for the talk at 3pm on June 15.


I arrived there around 2.55pm. Some mothers were already waiting there. I passed on my book to the nurse at the counter and was told to take a seat first. About 10 to 15 minutes later, our names were called out and we then moved on to their first floor. I was rather disappointed that the room that we were going to occupied was small and stuffy. It was not air conditioned. Nevertheless, the nurses made the effort to bring on a stand fan. I was seated near the entrance door, so it was less stuffy for me.


So, the talk began. It was in Malay language and conducted by experienced nurses. We were also encouraged to ask questions if there were any and were given a sheet of notes. The nurse often paused to ask if we understood what she has conveyed. I actually found it quite interesting and learnt some new facts. The talk plus the question and answer session lasted about 45 minutes. Our buku merahs were given back to us at the end of the class, where the nurse has marked our attendance. The nurses also apologized and explained that they could not accommodate us in the air conditioned room on that day as there was another function happening on that day. And, when I left, I was thanked warmly by their nurses. It was a wonderful experience.


Well, thumbs up for the clinic in organizing such talk. However, I guess one who has not visited the Klinik Kesihatan will not have any idea about the talk.  This is most probably because they want to give priority to those registered with the clinic. However, the talk is held on working hours so it would be difficult for working mothers to attend. Also, forgotten to mention, it is free of charge! The only setback is that the whole talk is in Malay language. It makes it slightly difficult for me to ask questions but I was fortunate that there was an Indian lady who was proactive in asking questions that I meant to ask.

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