Registering Buku Merah @ Klinik Kesihatan Kelana Jaya, Jalan 6/3A

We located the nearest Klinik Kesihatan since I was confirmed pregnant. The purpose is to register for a “buku merah”. And the purpose of registering the buku merah is a precautionary measure – in case of complication in delivery and the private hospitals do not accept me for delivery.

So, before we actually went to the Klinik Kesihatan Kelana Jaya, I personally drop by at the clinic to find out what are the documents that I need to bring. I was told to bring along our marriage certificate (which can be photostated), IC and one of our house bills (so that we are recognized as one of the communities in the area). I was told that I could not register for a buku merah on a Friday, and I can come from Monday to Thursday, either in the morning (from 8am) or in the noon (from 2pm).

We decided to register on our 12th week. The 12th week actually falls on a Friday, so we went one day before the 12th week (which is June 14). We arrived there at around 7.40am and the queue number was already 2030 (meaning there were 29 mothers earlier than us). So, I told the nurse at the counter that I would like to register for a buku merah and showed her all the documents that I brought. I brought all photocopied documents except for the electric bill (which was a wise idea as they will hold your documents until the end).

We waited quite some time. And, here are the things that I went through on my first visit:

  1. My name was called. I was weighed and my height was measured.
  2. I waited for while. Then, I was called again where my blood pressure and some historical medical details were asked.
  3. I was then asked to go to another counter to have my urine test. I was given a paper cup. After I brought my urine into the lab, I realized that they are merely testing pregnancy test. I am not too sure if other tests were done on the urine.
  4. I was asked to go to another counter where my finger was pricked for a simple blood test. I guess this is probably the hemoglobin test.
  5. I was then sent to another lab where my blood test (from my elbow) was taken.
  6. I was then sent into a small room where the nurse did a breast examination on me. I was told how I should drink more milk and take care of my health. At that point, I was told that they are going to have a breast feeding talk the next day and asked if I could come. I agreed. I was also told to go to the dentist, which is at level one to do a quick checking on my teeth. However, I didn’t.
  7. Later I was told that I do not need to see the doctor (because I have not gone through first trimester). I was given another date to come. I was not given any vitamins, as mentioned by most people online. The buku merah was given back to me. And, I was also given a little voucher for the next day’s breast feeding talk.

The whole process ends around 10.30am. We were rather disappointed that we could not see the doctor, as we thought we could go through an ultrasound to see our baby. Further than that, the nurses did tell me that ultrasound at the clinic is only done on mothers who have pregnancy complications. I was also told that if I “like” to see ultrasound, I can visit private practitioners to do so. No results of the tests were known to me. Also, we were not charged a single sen.

Overall, the experience:

  1. The place is really crowded with all races and including foreigners.
  2. The nurses are overall quite friendly.
  3. The experience tells me that I don’t want to deliver at a government hospital if possible. I didn’t like the “feel”. And, during the breast examination, I was asked to lie down on a bed. I saw that the bed was dirtied with some blood stain. I felt slight disgusted.
  4. I guess it is best to register for buku merah probably in the middle of your second trimester.
  5. Always bring along a book or your gadget for the appointment. This can help you reduce the “long” waiting time!

Well, this was just our first visit. I guess we need to give another chance to them. Let me at least see the doctor and then comment.

Anyway, great to have hubby alongside without him complaining about the waiting time; instead asking me to be patience! And due to the long waiting process, he had to take a half day emergency leave.

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2 thoughts on “Registering Buku Merah @ Klinik Kesihatan Kelana Jaya, Jalan 6/3A

  1. Saya ada kawan,dye xkawin lagi tapi disebabkan tiada pengalaman dan takut,masa buat buku pink tu,dye pi letak nama kawan dye.sekarang,dye xtahu man tukar mcm mne sebab nanti kena pi Jpn kan? So who can help?

  2. I came to clinic kesihatan ibu n anak kelana jaya at 920am to check only weight n height for my baby. No injuction is required for this month. I had done with checked weight n height around 10am. Nurse claimed that I need to wait for turn to meet nurse. Now the time is 1220pm n the number not even moving. How long will take to record for 1 visitors?
    Here my baby is crying n started hungry?
    My previous nurse had told me that this time I not need to see doctor n will be very fast since just need to chevk weight.
    The services n very ridiculous where keep babies to wait such long time. 1 hour is reasonable but this is more 2 hours.

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