17chipmunks is expecting

We did not make any public announcement among our friends using the social media since the news was known to us. The news is only known to certain close family members and friends. But, I would say an un-trustable family member has helped us spread it unnecessarily to even far away friends. I am truly disappointed with this person; in addition to this person creating “stories”.

Well, nothing to shy off but we have our own reasons on why we would like to bear a silence on it till the later stage:

  1. We aren’t superstitious, but we have heard and read about miscarriages in the early stage (in the first trimester). In fact, some people that I know have recently miscarried. Though we should place confidence with our embryo, we think it is unnecessarily to create such “good” news until it is much stable.
  2. I actually had slight bleeding at the early stage; and there was a point that the doctor (gp) and  gynae said that it is a condition called “threatened abortion/miscarriage” [a condition that suggests a miscarriage might take place before the 20th week of pregnancy, according to medline.plus]. I was told to go on bed rest for two days. So, how could we be confident saying that we are expecting at that stage?
  3. Even the chance is small; there is always the risk of the fetus having abnormalities. Reading books and over the websites, the fewer people know about our fetus, it would be easier for us to make a decision to abort it (without much havoc) if it really the case. *touch wood* – We really hope the fetus is growing normally.
  4. We don’t want to appear to be showing off.  Well, I know it is good news to share but I, personally, hate the attention given – which can actually create unease or “jealousy” among others.

Now, I am moving into my second trimester – from our calculation, it will be 14 weeks (but ultrasound shows that our fetus is a little smaller by a week).  Depending on the literatures that one read, usually the second trimester starts from 13 or 14 weeks. We don’t think I can hide much of this news anymore, as I am starting to put on weight and my stomach is bulging out. Moreover, given that it is second trimester, the chances of miscarriages have slimmed down to about 1% (according to books that I read). In addition, I want to start blogging about my experiences to share to the general public. This information, I perceived, as much needed especially to first time mummies. Also, there are few good services that I would like to give credit to.

Ok, well, when did we found out? I actually subconsciously knew it one day before we went to Bali (which is April 21), as I experienced implantation bleeding. [And, so yeah, we brought our baby to Bali as well] From my experience, implantation bleeding is different from the usual brown discharge [and it happens before any brown discharge is seen in the cycle]. The bleeding is bright red. I saw the few drops when I was in the loo in the wee hours. At first, I thought it was the normal menstrual (because it was nearing my menstrual day). It proves that it wasn’t because my menstrual did not come.

It was after returning home from Bali, I decided to take some pregnancy tests. On April 27, I took two tests, where both shown double lines. But, the second lines were rather faded. [Yes, I knew that I am expecting before I handed in my resignation letter] Two days later, I decided to buy a more expensive and more well-known (i.e. reliable) pregnancy test, called “Clear Blue” – and it showed positive result again. On the same day (April 29), I tested again with the older pregnancy test and this time around the second line become clearer. And, finally, again on May 1, I did another test that shows that I am expecting. I know that I am “crazy” that I did few tests because I can’t believe my eyes. By rough estimation, on May 1, I was 5 weeks plus pregnant.

First two tests – April 27

Third test – Clear Blue Test, April 29

Fourth test – April 29

Fifth test – May 1

We were excited that we went to our normal general practitioner (Dr Chuan from Klinik HM). The doctor did an ultrascan but we could not see the gestational sac and told us to wait till about 7 weeks. When it was close to 7 weeks, I was in the clinic for some ear problem. So, we took advantage to do an ultrascan again. This time around, the doctor saw a gestational sac. But, the machine could not show it clearly. Though we wanted to be happy, the doctor (Dr Soo, who is a replacement doctor and we were told that she was a gynae before) reminded us that having a gestational sac does not necessarily mean that I am pregnant. We have to wait to see if there is an embryo because some gestational sacs could be empty. We realise that there seems to be so many “bad” possibilities in identifying and confirming a pregnancy. Dr Soo told us that we can start looking for a gynae and see the gynae, without having to come and visit the gp anymore. I actually spotted Dr Fatima of KJMC and booked for an appointment on May 12.

I was having brown discharge on and off, and it was until May 7 that I had slight bleeding in the evening. Hubby rushed me to the clinic and the doctor ordered for a two days bed rest (because of threatened abortion). Meanwhile, the doctor asked me to try seeing the gynae the next day, which I did. The next day, I visited Dr Fatima, for the first time. And, I finally saw the gestational sac clearly. Dr Fatima found that I have endometriosis [that has caused much pain during my menstrual every month], which is the cause of the bleeding and I was then given Duphaston, to be taken twice a day. I was asked to see her again in another two weeks. And, the brown discharge finally stopped in 3 or 4 days. Note that Duphaston (which promotes progesterone) can only be consumed in the early stage of pregnancy and it could have adverse side effects if consumed excessively.


A clear gestational sac on May 8

It was our next visit on May 19 (by calculation, it is 8 weeks) that we finally saw the fetus. Now, it was confirmed that I am pregnant.  From the fetus’ size, our baby is estimated to be 7 weeks and one day, at that point of time. And, we actually heard the baby’s heartbeat on the day. Being first timers, we were actually very excited about it. It was then hubby and I decided to inform our parents.


Our tiny little bub on May 19

We were called in for our next appointment in one month’s time. The appointment supposed to be June 23, but I was having slight low abdominal cramp and had trouble urinating that we went to the gynae one week earlier, which is June 16 (by calculation, it is 12 weeks or three months). Nothing serious about me but just some urinary infection, and I was advised to drink more water (which at the point was difficult for me to do so, due to nausea feeling and metallic taste in the mouth). We got to see our baby again this time, much larger size. We saw the baby’s head and spine have formed/ forming. And, the most exciting part, we saw our baby moving! Personally, at this point of time, I still can’t feel the baby’s movement in me. By the baby’s size, we would be expecting our baby’s arrival on Jan 4 [it is one week later than the rough calculation – according to the doctor, it is due to the timing of ovulation and conception].


Our baby on June 16

Given that by rough estimation, I am currently 14 weeks, by baby’s size, it will be 13 weeks – more or less entering into second trimester. I definitely agree that first trimester was challenging with the nausea feeling, feeling tired/ sleepy, bloated, hunger and energy-less. But, I am grateful that I did not have serious morning sickness. Since last week, I am starting to regain my energy. Whilst this week, I feel that my hunger (due to changes in hormones) has been much under controlled.

We personally “pray” and hope that everything goes on well from now on, as we entered into our new phase of parenthood! [We actually haven’t gone through item number 3 as stated above, and hope everything will be fine!]

Anyway, this is our first “public” announcement on our baby! – though I am not sure how many of our reality friends read this blog.

Personal advice: Never think it is too early to see a gynae. If I have not seen the gynae earlier, I am not sure if I could get over the early threatened miscarriage. Also, it is best not to be overloaded with information from the internet. Pregnancy experiences differ from one another, and what happened to others may not happen to you. Overloaded information can promote excessive thinking.

Follow up read: Registering buku merah @ Klinik Kesihatan Kelana Jaya

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