30% off on Kordel products @ Fairchem Pharmacy Corp Sdn Bhd, SS 2/67

I was tasked to help hubby get his Skin Clear (Kordel Brand). I went on to Guardian, where I found the current selling price about RM 86. Then, I managed to get a glimpse of its price in Caring, which is selling at about RM 66. On the other hand, we actually bought this supplement at RM56 from AA Pharmacy. We also remembered that during our last visit to Fairchem Pharmacy in SS2, the price of this supplement is about RM56.

Since I was passing through SS2, I decided to stop by at Fairchem Pharmacy. On its shelf, it shows that currently they are having 30% off on Kordel products. At first, I could not locate the supplement and thus asked the help of the cashier. I was then shown the supplement, which has a selling price of RM73.50. After discounting the 30%, the supplement is then RM51.40. So, without hesitation, I bought the product. And, the payment could be made using credit card.


I have asked the cashier how long the promotion will last. She told me that it will be until further notice. Well, of course, they have marked up the price in order to give the discount. However, even after the marked up, minusing its discount, the price of the supplement is lower than what we previously paid for. It is totally worth it!


In addition, my decision to drop by at Fairchem Pharmacy instead of AA Pharmacy was because Fairchem Pharmacy is located at the ground floor. I needed a quick buy and similar to Lucky Garden, Bangsar, there are the limited parking spots around SS2. Being at the ground floor, I could quickly double park for less than 5 minutes [sorry, I know this is illegal] and grab the item I wanted from the pharmacy.

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