Isenbin Weekdays Special

We have stopped going to Isenbin for more than a month due to my health reason. And, since I was given the “green” light by the doctor to take tea occasionally, how could I give up this chance – when I saw Isenbin’s facebook status saying that there are now having “Isenbin Weekdays Special”. I spotted its latest status yesterday and it was coincidently my favourite covermilk tea going at RM2.90 instead of their usual RM5.90 on every Tuesday (till further notice, I guess). They have different promotions every weekday as stated in the banner.

So, we went to Isenbin, SS2 yesterday.  It is rather quiet there – given the uprising numbers of milk tea houses in that area. My current preference is still Isenbin. We continued to receive warm welcome from their waiters. While making the order, we realized that they have changed their menu – where my favourite Covermilk Oolong tea is now called “Covermilk roasted tea”. There are more choices now too, if I am not mistaken. The order was made at the counter, where we paid only RM2.90 (half the price) for the covermilk tea. It is totally worth it. In addition to that, they are still giving the buy 10 free 1 chops even for the half priced drink. The prices of other food/ drink remain the same. They, then, as usual, brought both the drink and dessert to our seats. The drink and dessert remain its quality, and of course, I am happy to be back at Isenbin!

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