Fish head mee hoon soup @ Restoran Super Kitchen

We have known Restoran Super Kitchen for three to four years. They are well known for their Chili Pan Mee, where it is dried noodle with some ingredients on it. The customers will then decide how spicy they want it to be by adding the chili flakes. It used to have this choice and the choice of soup pan mee. However, as years come by, due to competition, they started to introduce more choices. They even branched out to other than pan mee noodles, which is fish head mee hoon soup.


Well, I recently tried it, and it tasted good. It is as good as the Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles @ Cheras Flat. In fact, I felt it tasted even slightly better. What I liked about the one in Restoran Super Kitchen is they served additional fish meat separately. The only setback for the one in Restoran Super Kitchen is that there is no choice of whether we want it to be fried fish or non-fried fish. The cost is RM 7.50 per bowl. But the soup looks less clear compared to the one at Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles. The former looks more oily.


If compared to both places, I will prefer having my fish head mee hoon soup @ Restoran Super Kitchen (the one we went recently is in USJ 15) because it is air conditioned and it has wifi. It has other choices like pan mee besides fish head mee hoon. From our experience, the service given by their waiter and waitress are fine – not too bad and not too good.

Likewise, after having the meal, I was in great thirst. No doubt the tastiness comes from the additional seasonings used in the soup.

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