Jogoya Japanese Buffet @ Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur

It was a belated Happy Father’s Day celebration. A request was earlier made that we celebrate it at Jogoya Japanese Buffet @ Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur. It was since two years ago hubby and I came to Jogoya. Initially, it was planned on the Father’s Day week’s Saturday night, where it cost RM102++ per person. With the sales and service tax of 16%, it ends up that one person costs around RM118 per person. We thought it was not worth, and opted for the week after, where the night buffet cost RM 88++ (or RM102) per person. The difference is huge when we had a pax of eight persons.


However, at the end, due to change in plans, we went for the lunch buffet, which cost RM78++ (or RM90) per person. A booking was made in advance through phone (Booking number: 6L2402). I thought we could be seated in a room, but the waitress told me that this is impossible.  On the day of arrival, since we had only six persons arriving early, we made the payment for six first. Mother-in-law managed to borrow her friend’s VIP card and thus we obtained a member token each.


Compared to our last experience, I would say we had a bad experience this time. The food has gone lower than average (a lot) and the number of choices has become limited. For example, the tempura choices have become limited and the taste is bad. The food is also cold. I have no idea about the freshness of the shasimi, as I could not take these foods, but it looks rather unattractive. Jogoya has followed the trend by serving Macato Tea (bubble tea). However, it was just pure jasmine tea with added grass jelly, without even the waiter, who was serving the drinks shaking the tea. Coconut drinks, which were served and presented neatly, were now placed in the fridge for customers to take.


Given that we had the VIP coupons, we can have special orders. However, it is two tickets per order. Hubby and I choose the teppanyaki lobster noodle. The lobster was really mini, which is smaller than a prawn. It was presented quite nicely but it tastes bad. It was really disappointing.

The only good thing that they maintained is the free flow of Haagen Daaz ice cream and also the unlimited tea refilling packets. In addition, they added New Zealand ice cream. And, the only good dish that we tasted could be the roast salmon head, which we ordered few dishes.


Also, the waiter and waitresses serving us are mostly from Myanmar, and thus, have trouble understanding us when we needed something.


Overall, we think it is not worth the money to come to Jogoya anymore, unless they make a huge improvement. I really amused that a five style Japanese buffet has turned into such standard. I am totally disappointed.


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