Return visit to Cool Clay, Taman Megah, PJ

After my first visit to Cool Clay and being happy with the outcome, I returned to them this morning. I was offered RM30 per class for its Kids Pro class, where I choose to do a hamburger name card holder.

Upon arrival, we started with the previous project. We completed it by inserting the key chain holder. I was shown how to do, rather than doing it myself. Then, I was taught how to put the final coating on both the clays. I was also taught on how to touch up on the fries so that it looks “crispy”. We left it hanging for it to dry.

We then proceed to our new project – the hamburger. I was first asked to choose the namecard holder stand. Then, we started with making the sesame for the bread. This, though seems easy, is the most monotonous process and I was getting bored and impatient having to make them. It also took the most time. We then proceeded with the other layers of the burger – the bread, patty, cheese, vegetable, tomato and onion. It seems easy, but it takes a lot of creativity to make it look real. I was starting to feel “stupid” when I can’t get what the instructor, Teh wanted. I tried few times and it failed to look alike, and it ended up she does the touching up for me. When everything was ready, the fun part comes where we stick all the pieces together and there we go the burger is done. The final thing is to place in the namecard holder stand.

I was then offered to buy their pre-packaged clay. I thought for a while and then agreed – as it could be more beneficial and cost efficient for me to try it out at home, rather than coming for classes every week. The starter pack with tools comes at RM45.

I made my payment of RM75. This time round, Teh did not mention about a return class. Maybe, she finds that I am “not talented”, or I looked bored. However, today, I did find her to be a little impatient because I was slow. Nevertheless, I do enjoy the outcome. The whole process thought me about creativity and intelligence in order to get the shapes that we want. I really think it takes a lot of practice to make out a good one.

Well, I told Teh that I would return if I still find it difficult to cope myself. And, for now, I will be trying the clay at home – when I am free and motivated to start a new project!

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