1.5 hour clay class for RM30 @ Cool Clay, Taman Megah, PJ from webuy.com

I spotted this buy last week when I was thinking of joining some art and craft classes. The voucher specifically mentioned that it will be for kids. So, I made the effort to ring them up. The lady told me that it is possible for adults to utilize it too. Without much hesitation, I bought it because it is not too far from home and it was relatively cheap. My coupon ID is pwhpq. I rang them up two days before I decided to go for the class.


This is my second art and craft class since the class at The Clay Arts Studio. Cool Clay is actually located in the same floor as Cool Nails. It just opened about two months ago, according to the lady. I arrived there around 10.25am today. Not much introduction was given. The lady asked for my voucher, which I then showed it on my mobile phone as it mentions that it allows paperless redemption. She then wrote down the voucher number.


So, the class started without hesitation. It was a one-to-one class and it was in English. I was asked to choose the miniature that I would like to create. I firstly, choose the mini pig, but after a quick thought, I choose French fries instead. The clays were provided and was actually stored in containers. Apparently, the clays can get harden quickly if exposed to the air. The clays are even wrapped in transparent foil before they are placed into the contained.


The lady, Teh, told me about how the clay has to be mold and ensure that there is no bubble in it. I was then given a transparent sheet and taught how to roll it using the a machine (the one where pan mee sellers used to roll the dough). She then patiently taught me the techniques on how to create the fries. I made errors and apologized, but Teh says it is fine. Unlike the hand building clay which is made of mud, this is made out of chemicals, and can actually be re-used on the spot and need not be “re-composed” again. Given that I have sweaty palms, she also offered me a cloth to wipe my palms because the clay should not be exposed to water too much.


In the midst of doing it, she told me that she will be teaching me another item, since I will be using less than 1.5 hours of her time. I was happy that she made the offer and I then choose to make a Starbucks Coffee. Throughout the class, Teh gave me watchful eyes, and that was what panicked or stressed me as well. Teh seems to be a shy person to me. She only becomes more chatty when I questioned her more. At the end, she asked me if I would like to make them as a pen holder or key chain, which I choose the latter.


The whole class went up to about 1.5 to 2 hours. Teh told me that it will take some time for the clay to dry up before we can put the layer that makes them shine. She asked if I mind to come another day where she will teach me how to put on the final layer. Moreover, the key chain holder can only hold after the clay dries up. This would mean that I will be able to complete the whole process of the clay making.


Given that she also explained about her classes (without being pushy) and also the price of classes seems quite affordable to me, I accepted her offer to come back next week. I planned to take up another miniature class with her. The next round, I would probably do a burger card holder stand. And, she says the class inclusive of material will be RM30, similar value to the webuy voucher.


Overall, I am satisfied with the service and think it is worth to pay the RM30. However, I think the original price of RM60 has been marked up in order to attract people to get the voucher. I believe this is one of the marketing strategies of any business. Without webuy’s offer, it would be unlikely for me to find out that there is an art and craft class at that area.

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