Hand building trial class @ The Clay Arts Studio Sdn Bhd, Dataran Pelangi Utama

Since young, I have always liked art. But, the problem is I didn’t have the talent. And, when I was young, there weren’t many art and craft classes around except for the normal drawing classes. Since I am on a career break, with the encouragement of hubby, I have decided to join an art and craft class. It first started with me searching for an art class that comes within my means. Then, it comes down to the kind of classes. I finally found The Clay Arts Studio through the google search engine. I saw that they have trial classes for hand building and also wheel throwing. So, I decided to drop them an email.

The email was responded within 12 hours. And the respond was:

  • For pottery hand building trial class is RM75 inclusive of clay (maximum 1 kg clay, 1 item send for process), glaze & firing. The class duration is 1.5 hours.
  • For pottery wheel throw trial class is RM95 inclusive of clay (maximum 1 kg of clay, choose 2items sent for process as the wheel throw piece normally smaller than the hand building), glaze & 2 firings. Class duration is 1.5 hours.
  • Our firing is cone 6 firing which mean high firing , item will be safe for use in microwave.
  • All our classes are arrange by appointment only.
  • Class size normally 1 teacher to 6 students. However, we will start the class even on 1 teacher but less than 6 students as per your appointment. Therefore, if there is no student book the same time as your time , then the class will be 1 to 1 .
  • Class normally start from 11 am to 5 pm. We open from Wednesday to Monday .We close on Tuesday.
  • Since our class is by appointment only sometime we will work on Tuesday & close on Monday. Class can be arranged before 11 am & after 5pm.

– – – – – –

I immediately booked for a class on the coming Wednesday, which is today, at 11am. I arrived early, around 10.50 am. The staff, Cherry is already waiting for me. She got prepared then. I was asked to walk into the clay room. I was immediately given an apron and allowed to put my bag at the corner of the class.

It was a one-to-one class for me, given the working hours. I was first introduced to the clay, which is made out of mud and water. I was told that the first class will be making a bowl. I was taught the basic and then given an idea on how the bowl can be made. I made few times of errors at the beginning, but Cherry patiently re-taught me. Initially, she was watching me quite closely. I was feeling the stress and told her that she could her other stuff while leaving me alone. At times, she will come and look at my progress. Whenever needed, she will come to me and help me with the clay. Occasionally, Cherry will come over to my place to check if the clay I was using still in good condition. It has to be less exposed to the air (and therefore covered with a wet cloth) so that it does not dry up or become cold.

It took almost two hours for me to finish the whole process, which is more than the expected 1.5 hours. At one point, I was starting to lose my patience (since I was very hungry).

It was on the spot that I realised that I could not bring back the bowl on that day. It needs about few days for the clay to dry up before the firing process and the colouring process (which will be done by them). Well, so, I don’t get to see the whole process. I was also told that I would only get back my artwork after one to two months for the whole process to complete. At the end, I was asked to choose the colour I would like to have on my bowl.

Overall, I enjoyed the whole process especially the part where the hand building came out unexpectedly nice for me. I made the payment of RM75. I was also introduced about their courses. For example, their four classes hand building course goes for RM 160. This excludes the cost of clay, firing and glazes – RM 30 per kg. This means the total cost for the four classes will be RM280, where each class is RM 70 (not much difference from their trial class cost). In addition, there will be a one time registration fee of RM30. Therefore, I guess I would only sign up if I am really keen to do this on the long run, and it will have to be more than four classes.

Their service is good. I would say that Cherry is very patience towards me. Also, she is not pushy to ask me join the course.

Currently, I am still thinking about joining the course for the long run. I am yet to be satisfied with just one form of art and craft class that I have just tried today! It is very much dependent on my patience.

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