and Pensonic’s Parents’ Day Celebration Day Contest 2012

In early April, I spotted this contest at I did not hesitate to join since it was free joining and I recently took quite a number of pictures with my parents. And, so, I “purchased” the deal where my voucher ID was YVEFH99UI7. I just needed to send in my personal details, a photo and the answer to the question of the contest by email.


It says that the photo will be uploaded after June 20 and voting starts two weeks from then. However, I was surprised (since I am a member of Pensonic Facebook Page) that the “selected” photos (instead the entry photos) were uploaded on May 24 (instead of after June 20). I was one of the selected contestants. It says that “one” winner will be announced in one week’s time (this is instead of the “two” winners stated in the deal). There was a person asking about the date, but no response was given.


Of the seven photos selected, I noticed that there are some inconsistencies in their entry and selection again. For instance, it says that “Send us a most favourable photo of you with your parent”, “This contest is opened to Malaysian aged 15 and above only” and “Non-compliance may result in disqualification of the entry. “ However, it puzzles me on why a family with a newborn and a family with two young kids were selected. Aren’t these supposed to be children sending in photos of them and their parents? Also, the children has to be 15 years and above. So, why are parents who put in the entries selected?


I guess, these changes boil down to the term: “The Organizer reserves the right to change, modify, delete, or add the entry terms and conditions without prior notice.”


After a week from May 24, the result was not announced and participants were already asking for the result, but with no response given. Only yesterday, June 6, which is close to two weeks only the result was announced.  They mentioned that they are a panel of judge that determine the winners, but the criteria of judgment wasn’t even touched.


Overall, I really feel that this is “bad” organising. I am not saying this because I am a sore loser, but the facts as pointed out. If the organiser(s) are sincere in holding the contest, please be consistent with what the terms and conditions. Also, be responsive to queries.



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