Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles @ Cheras Flat

We have frequented this hawker stall located at Cheras Flat few times with my father-in-law. (Nevertheless, I still have no idea how to get there actually) Apparently, this is a branch of the same stall located in Taman Desa.


Once arrived at the stall, make sure that you are seated at the tables and chairs belonging to Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles. At the stall, customers are reminded not to sit over the other side of the stalls, which do not belong to them or else orders can’t be placed.


They have three choices of fish noodle, which include fish paste noodle, fish head (non fried) noodle or the normal fish head noodle. When order is placed, they will ask if you would like the soup to be milked. Drinks are ordered and paid separately although it is from the same stall. Other small dishes they have is fried fish cake and fried fu chok.

If I am not mistaken, each bowl of noodle costs RM7 (small) and RM 9 (big). This is of course more expensive than the normal fish head noodles that we get from other hawkers. For a plate of fried fish cake or fried fu chok, it is RM5. It comes in half a dozen, which again tells me it is not totally worth the price paid. If you want both fried fish cake and fried fu chok in a plate, it costs RM9.

Overall, the noodles do taste good. But, after the tasty meal, get ready to drink a lot of water because you will be very thirsty due to its high seasonings.


It is pretty difficult to get parking spot if you were to frequent this place. Also, it is quite stuffy in the shop with hot air blowing to your body if you are seated right in front of their stall. Cleanliness of the shop is ok.

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