Fast track Maybank Treatpoints with Maybankard Manchester United Visa Card

I have been using Maybank Classic Master Card for quite a number of years. Each year, when it comes it annual renewal, there will be an annual fee, which I thought is waived yearly. I had to call the Maybank customer service for the last few years to request for waiver. When I signed up for the card, I was told that the annual yearly fee waiver applies as long as I spent 12 times a year using the card, which I did. I spoke to its customer service officer regarding this issue in last November and was told that this only applies for the first two years. Thereafter, I will need to ring up the customer service every year to request for waiver. It is quite frustrating to hear that. Then, I was told of some options that I can take for free annual lifetime fee. And, one of the cards introduced is Maybankard Manchester United Visa Card.

Given that hubby and I are fans of Manchester United, there is some motivation to apply for this card. Besides the free lifetime waiver of annual fees, the card has fastrack Treatpoints, where cardholder can get five times the normal points for spending for grocery and petrol. All other transactions will have the fast track points only if Manchester United wins the English Premier League matches. After thinking for a while (the only hesitation is the need to request for change of credit card payments for my auto billing on insurance premiums and phone bill), I have decided to go for it.

I signed up at The Curve’s Maybank since it was near to my office at that point of time. I told the officer that at the same time I would like to cancel my Maybank Classic Master Card as I did not want to bear the extra service tax. I was, at that point time, told that I could do so. However, after the application and collection of the new card (about three to four weeks later), I could not cancel my old card at the branch but to cancel it at Maybank’s credit card centre in One Utama (which I later did). Another issue was, I paid the service tax of RM50 for the old card and I had to pay again the service tax of RM50 for my new card. I called the customer service to request for waiver, which never actually happened. I was slightly pissed off – but learnt that the best time to change/ cancel your credit card is just before the yearly expiration date – to avoid the service tax.

After all the hassle, I nevertheless, enjoyed having the card. I am abit prideful that most people (cashiers) actually admire my card. To them, it looks cool. Further than that, my points really fast tracked. I remembered transferring my 11,000+ Treatpoints from my old card (which I accumulated for years) to this new card. In less than six months, I actually achieved 24,719 Treatpoints (as at June 2, 2012). And, I think I spent about RM3,000 to RM4,000 using this card in less than six months for groceries, petrol, insurance premiums, phone bills and other miscellaneous purchases.

Yesterday, I redeemed my 20,000 points for RM100 Jaya Jusco voucher. I have offset both the old and new cards “unlawful” double service tax.

I think this card is worth having, especially for those that spend using credit card on groceries and petrol. And, for fun, you can speculate on Manchester United winning the English Premier League games.

On sign up, I did not receive any gifts because I went directly to the counter to sign up. I would certainly advise those interested to sign up at their booth (if any) as you will be given gifts (which I missed). The sign up also include some vouchers like Equatorial Hotel in Cameron Highlands (however, it is not of great use to me). There is also the terms and conditions plus the benefits booklets.

One point I dislike about this card is its transparency. I can’t really know which items have fast tracked points from their system. However, I actually tracked a transaction on the day when Manchester United won a English Premier League game, the points did went five times for the day’s transaction.

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