Bali coffee from Abian Sari Agro Wisata @ Tampaksiring Gianyar – Bali

We were told by our driver that we will be going to the coffee farm to enjoy some coffee. We had no idea where he would be bringing us. So, on our way to Kintamani, we stopped by at a road side. Then, we were brought into the farm. As we were walking into the farm, we were introduced to the coffee trees by the driver.

Upon arrival at the farm, we were greeted with a warm welcome. We were shown first the process of creating coffee beans and its powder. Then, we were invited to have a sit at their little hut where coffee testing will be served. There were seven kinds of coffee to be tested for free. However, there is a charge for testing of the most talked about coffee (over the internet)– the luwak coffee, which cost Rp50,000. We did not hesitate to try since we came all the way from Malaysia. We were also given free bali fruit to taste.

The coffees were then served in a row. With great disappointment, we felt awful tasting the luwak coffee. There was so much coffee extract remaining on the bottom of the coffee glass, and it was bitter and tasteless (despite adding some sugar). The other coffees were far better, and that we ended up buying some coffee for our close family members who enjoyed coffee. The coffees sold weren’t cheap and they are small in size. We ended up spending Rp585,000 after the 10% discount given (I guess it is a standard discount given, so the price would have been marked up); plus Rp50,000 for luwak coffee, which we regretted ordering. We love the coconut coffee most; and when we were choosing our coffees, the lady actually allowed us to taste their vanilla coffee, which was not too bad!

I am not sure if this is considered cheap/ affordable/ expensive. But, since in Bali, there is a need to visit a coffee farm to taste their native’s coffee. In Krisna, we actually saw many other types of coffees sold at much cheaper range – but not sure of the quality though.

After we came home from Bali, we opened the packaging to find that it is so small. The lady said that we can make up to 20 glasses of coffee, which I think it is impossible. For the price paid and the amount of coffee, it is definitely way too expensive.

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