Famous Yong Tau Foo @ Restoran O&S, Taman Paramount Petaling Jaya

One of the most famous yong tau foo in Petaling Jaya can be found in Restoran O&S, Taman Paramount in Petaling Jaya. They are only available in the day time from breakfast till lunch. The yong tau foo are freshly made and cooked at the spot.


It is self-service and customers have to queue up to pick their choices. It is usually very packed especially during the weekends. Majority of the customers that frequent the restaurant will actually taste the yong tau foo. Though busy, I would say that the owner is not snobbish. As for now, it costs RM1 per piece (from around RM0.70 or RM0.80).


Despite the price hike, the size of the yong tau foo especially the wantan is getting smaller. Overall, it still tastes as good as before.

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