The Vie Spa & Relaxation @ Jl Nakuta No. 168 x Legian Kuta, Bali

We arrived at Bali around 3pm. While on our way to our resort in Seminyak, we told our driver that we would like to have a massage – just to spend the last few hours of the day. The driver took some time to figure out and then dropped us at The Vie Spa to enquire before checking into our resort. The set up of the spa was perfect.

We were quoted a price for hot stone massage and Balinese massage – 2 hours. There wasn’t any actual price list and we needed to negotiate the price. We choose the hot stone massage, as we never tried that before. After some bargaining, we were charged Rb750,000 (which we later – after the session – found out, we have been fooled the price).

We checked into our resort before returning to the spa. The ambience of the spa was good and the service was friendly. Both of us were given a private room, which comes with a nice bathroom. For me, the hot stone massage was too hot – while I was told that a good masseur would not have me suffer this condition of “hotness”.

Overall, the experience is ok. But, we are totally fooled for the price. When we were in Inner Glow @ Kuta Beach Street and looking through some other price lists from other spas, we found that we can actually enjoy hot stone massage for less than half of the price paid (but not sure if we can get the same ambience). We were really disappointed with their dishonesty. But, lesson learnt – never rush into getting a spa without proper survey, especially in Bali and even if you have bargained, you can be fooled!

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