Dr Fatima Najla @ Kelana Jaya Medical Centre

After the unsatisfactorily visit to the gynae at PJ Women Specialist & Family Clinic, SS2, PJ during my last visit, I searched for another gynae within PJ area. I found out that the gynae, Dr Fatima Najla at Kelana Jaya Medical Centre is highly recommended from some blogs. So, I decided to try her out. So far, I paid her two visits. And, she turned out to be fine for me. Her explanations are clear and good. My first consultation was RM60 while the second consultation was RM50. The machine used is quite new. I hope her professional service will last and I would stay with her long.

In addition to that, the nurses in Kelana Jaya Medical Centre, especially the Indian nurse for Dr Fatima’s clinic are extremely friendly. They truly provide a good service. During my second visit, which was a rather long wait, some kids were playing around. Dr Fatima’s clinic’s nurse patiently said it was alright and even gave them toys/tools and sweets. Even when there are patients from the next clinics, the nurse is so gentle and serviced with a smile. It was so comfortable being around nurses who have such good service attitude.

Overall, two visits were pleasant visits. Looking forward to my third visit there sometime next month.

Anyway, for both visits, there is a RM2 registration fee, which I am not sure why they are imposing even on returning patients.

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3 thoughts on “Dr Fatima Najla @ Kelana Jaya Medical Centre

  1. Hi, Im stacy, just viewed your comment on PJ Specialist, actually i and my husband plan to go there for early pregnancy checking, after read your comments we better don’t go. Just to check with you, KJMC- Dr. Fatimah operation hour is from what time to what time? Need appointment before we go?

  2. Hi. Before this I went the PJ women clinic in Ss2, is super expensive and unsatisfied. So while doing the google search and I saw your post. Will you mind share about your pregnancy journey and how much it cost for the pregnancy check up for every month.
    My name is Sin Ling. And this is my email address : sinlingng13@gmail.com
    Hope you feel free to share with me.
    Thank you 🙂

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