Moving towards reducing the Watsons’ lifetime membership fee

After about six to seven months, I have collected an additional 720 points from Watsons. This also implies that I have bought about RM720 from Watsons in the last half year – thanks to supplements.

So, today I went into Watson to get a packet of Ribena Pastilles, which cost RM3.30. I handed over my membership card to the cashier. He then told me that I can redeem as much as RM3.60. This implies that I can offset the amount RM3.30, which I immediately agreed to do so. So, the sweet was free for me.

As of today, I have redeemed RM2.50 + RM 3.30 = RM 5.80. I am half way through reducing my Watsons’ lifetime membership fee of RM12. Wow, now I certainly feel that worthiness of become Watsons’ member.

Nevertheless, I have no idea when I could redeem the points next, unless asked by the cashier. I think I would have to keep in mind that every 200 points is worth RM1.
Follow up read: Another round of Watsons’ redemption of points

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