Poor service on return visit @ PJ Women Specialist & Family Clinic, SS2, PJ

After the previous visit, I have decided to re-visit this clinic since it has my record. This time around I called the clinic one day before the visit. I was asked to come at 10am on a Saturday, March 31. So, the next day I went to the clinic the next day. I did all the similar tests as previously. It costs me RM390.

This time around, I am really disappointed with the service for these points:

  1. The doctor (same doctor) continues his mumbling when telling us my condition and so forth. He used medical terms, which we don’t understand and did not care to explain.
  2. Previously, credit card payment was permitted, which we remembered vividly. But, the nurse denied it and said that credit card payment was NEVER implemented.
  3. This is the WORST – the doctor said that if they did not call me in two weeks time, give them a call. We really can’t believe that the clinic wants us to remind them to remind us. True enough, close to three weeks and today, I made a call to ask if my medical reports are ready, just as I mentioned my name, the nurse right away says that it is ready without having to check on the records. The reports are ready and yet she did not put any effort in reminding me to pick up the reports.

Truly disappointing! Highly unlikely that I will return to this clinic for such kind of service. We noticed that there are increased in patients. Therefore, it is important to call in before you visit the clinic.

Only upgrade we saw – the doctor’s room has been expanded. The machine for ultrasound has been moved next door. The doctor is still using his old laptop. The system in the clinic hangs so easily that he got to restart the laptop and asked his nurse to do the same.

Follow up read: I have changed my gynae

4 thoughts on “Poor service on return visit @ PJ Women Specialist & Family Clinic, SS2, PJ

  1. we ( husband & i) came to the clinic after passing by numerous times as well.we were looking for a gyne as we were expecting and not frm any recommendation, and so far from the first visit (sometime in late jan this year) we were satisfied. I understand your frustration as engaging a gyne would similar to engaging a lawyer or your family doc. One has to be comfortable and most importantly confident with your caretaker or provider. But each to her own, The clinic has given us no problem so far and my husband and i have decided to elect the clinic and Dr Kelvin as our gyne and OB-GYN as well. So far, his receptionist has also been accomodating when you actually ask for as she doesnt talk much. The rates for a private practice is so much reasonable as when we’ve asked and compared around. As for the doctor, he’s been very thorough when explaining and he did use some medical jargon husband and i definitely did not hesitate to ask for clarification as we paid for the service and was given further info to our understanding. Fees and rates are on medication and so far we did not feel shortchanged and noticed no hidden cost. But should you have any doubts, it is best to inquire further and not expect the clinic or doctor’s to mind-read what you really wish to know.

  2. I am a female patient, 22 years old, of PJ Women Specialist & Family Clinic, SS2, PJ. I had a rather bad experience with this clinic. Dr.Kelvin Liew was the doctor attending to us, a young doctor in his early 30s. The visit was normal up until the doctor, Kelvin Liew told me I should get a better look at some redness. To be honest I went in for a different reason, and had no previous worry or irritation. He told me where they were and asked if I wanted to see it. I agreed, assuming he would have some form of medical equipment to show me on a screen. Instead, the doctor pulled out his mobile smartphone and took 4 photos to “show me”. I was shocked at the ethics that this clinic was operating upon, I felt violated and taken advantage of as a patient. I demanded that he deleted the photos, but initially hesitated and ignored me and just said “i will do it later”, after some persistence, I managed to get him to delete it. I can’t imagine how many times he has tried this on other patients and gotten away with it. Had I not insisted that he delete the pictures, I am certain I would be part of his sick collection in his mobile phone. I will never ever go back again, neither would I recommend this clinic to anyone. Please be careful if anyone of you reading this are planning to visit the clinic or dealing with this pervert of a doctor. I have lodged a complaint with the MMC(Malaysian Medical Council) and am waiting on some responses. Please warn your friends and family if you frequent this clinic and especially young women, please have someone go in with you and not alone to avoid being taken advantage of and violated by this sick pervert doctor Kelvin Liew.

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