Licensed Money Changer, Silver Stream Sdn Bhd @ Lower ground floor Subang Parade

We were supposed to change our money for our next trip at Halasuria (M) Sdn Bhd located at Empire Shopping Gallery. However, we stumbled into another money changer in the next door shopping mall, which is Silver Stream Sdn Bhd.


Last week, we actually found that Silver Stream actually provides a better rate compared to Halasuria. So, when we decided to exchange our currencies today, we went both places to spot the difference. For Indonesian rupiah, Halasuria was selling at about RM 342 for Rp1,000,000 while Silver Stream was selling at RM339.5 for Rp1,000,000. Therefore, it is about RM2.50 cheaper from Silver Stream.


Without hesitation, we exchanged our rupiah at Silver Stream. The man was friendly when we presented ourselves at the counter. We told him that we had RM2,000 and asked how much would we get. He immediately computed at the rate RM339 instead of RM339.50, where we had Rp5.9m. He did not charge the additional 10 sen required. He gave us an envelope after we asked for it. Well, I would rate the service is as good as Halausuria.

But, we were really glad that there was some extra savings from the rate given. We saved about RM3 per Rp1,000,000. Therefore, the total savings were up to RM 17.70 (however, this exclude the possible discount amount by Halasuria).


One thought on “Licensed Money Changer, Silver Stream Sdn Bhd @ Lower ground floor Subang Parade

  1. I suppose it depends coz today i changed to USD2000 & Silver Stream charge was RM6180 while Halasuria only charged me RM6150. So I saved about RM30. But like what you said both give good service.

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