The famous wantan mee in Aman Suria

We got to know about this famous wantan mee in Aman Suria from a close friend since one or two years ago. It was previously located at SFS Kopitiam (or 747 Kopitiam), Jalan PJU 1/3C. It has now moved to Shang Yi Fatt Kopitiam, which is perpendicular to SFS Kopitiam (for reason that we don’t know). The hawker stall is famous for its char siu wantan mee or the curry wantan mee.


Well, I would rate the service as “good”. The main chef or the boss is actually very friendly. If one is standing there waiting for the noodles to be packed home, he shows off his cutting skills and then offer the waiting customers some char siu to try on. Though they have a large number of customers especially during weekends or public holidays, they have a system of recording who came first. Nevertheless, I would warn that it is a long wait during peak hours, weekends and public holidays. There was once we waited for almost an hour. However, due to the long wait, sometimes customers will approach the lady boss on their turns – where at times, she could give you unfriendly respond.

I will deem the price as reasonable. While the first few times I felt the noodles are good, after a long while, I guess I am finding it quite normal though hubby and my close friend still find it so delicious. So, it is up to you to judge!


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