Manicure at VDream Hair Studio, Taman Megah, PJ

I got to know that VDream Hair Studio at Taman Megah, PJ does nail manicure when I was passing it after my session with Cool Nails (which I was not happy with). So, yesterday when hubby went to his session at Acupuncture Yee Chou, I tried my luck to see if I could do manicure, given that one of my nails broke. This time, I brought along my oil replenishing, bottom coat and top coat.

It was close to 7.45pm when I dropped by at the saloon, which was actually waiting to close at 8pm. I actually apologized that I came so late, but the manicurist, Lynnshiea says that it is alright. “Even if the customer walks in at 7.55pm, we will still serve.”

Once entered, she told me to pick a nail colour immediately, which I did. Then, I told her that one of my nails broke. She told me that nothing can be done except to cut it off, which I then told her to proceed. Before beginning, she sterilizes her tools.

I observed that her style of manicure is different. No soaking of fingers, but she used one sort of liquid to soften the nails. She told me that there is a lot of “dead” cuticle, which has hardened. Also, she noticed that it was really badly shaped – which does not look rounded or square. She patiently shapes my finger nails and not cut it off immediately using a nail cutter. She explained that it was her style to do that because the nails will not break off easily. The nails are nicely shaped and she makes sure that it is of expectation, by asking be if it is alright. Well, she does not provide any hand massage or applying any lotion to the hand. She also does not clean the other side of the nails (internal? I don’t really know how to describe here). There is no special nail dryer seen, as she uses the hair dryer to dry up my nails.

She applied the coats that I brought along, but told me that the top coat that I bought is one that needs a lot of time to dry up because of its thickness. But, she says that since I have already bought, use it up first and then recommended me another type of top coat – which dries up faster – that I can buy in the future. After making the payment, I wrote my contact number for her to update me on promotions. The thumb nail colour got smudged, but she helped me to re-colour it. The manicure service cost RM30 (which is RM2 more expensive compared to Cool Nails).

I personally like her service – that she is patience in shaping my nails. My nails are re-shaped to what I wanted and all at the same length. She is also not pushy, but just let me know of the promotion that they are having. The only setback about her is that she does not really speak (or I did not hear her speak) English.

Since she is the only manicurist and pedicurist, she reminds me to ring her up first in the future for appointment. She is off on Fridays. Most of her customers are the customers that frequent the saloon for hair styling, and do not want to waste time waiting for the hair to be done. She also offers nail arts (but I did not ask for the pricing). Well, there is high possibility that I will be back here.

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