Gift for Jaya Jusco’s members on the birthday

On hubby’s birthday morning, he received a sms from Jaya Jusco that he can proceed to any Jaya Jusco customer service to redeem a gift. Given that we are already going to a shopping mall where there is Jaya Jusco, we decided to redeem the gift.


Once arrived at the customer service (in Sunway Pyramid), hubby showed the customer service assistant the sms he received. The lady smiled and then, asked for hubby’s membership card. After handing over the card and a check over the system, the lady gave hubby the gifts – which include a magazine and a booklet that contains some discount vouchers. The discount vouchers are mostly valid from 1 March to 30 April. The merchants include Baskin Robbins (10% off, which I think not that useful to us given that Maybank credit card can give that amount of discount too), Jusco sushi, Kenny Rogers Roasters (but with minimum purchase of 2 quarter’s meals and many more. The most useful voucher, we deem, is the buy one free one TGV movie ticket.


Well, in short, we find that the vouchers ain’t really that useful to us, and it comes with certain conditions and requires us to spend a “minimum”. However, the magazine “Pearl” seems to be rather informative that includes information of health and recipes.


If you are a member of Jaya Jusco and in any Jaya Jusco outlet on your birthday, there’s no harm to collect the gift. But, there is no need to purposely get to an outlet for the gift, though.

Follow up read: Free RM5 AEON Carnival Discount Voucher 13-17 September for spending above RM100

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