Plaster Fun House @ Empire Shopping Gallery

We actually got to know about Plaster Fun House weeks ago when we were in Empire Shopping Gallery for Lex Slide (Plaster Fun House is located adjacent to Lex Slide’s entrance at Level 2). The place is where people, especially kids choose a clay and coloured it. Hubby and I decided to go there yesterday. It mesmerizes my past experience as a teen, when I used to colour such clays with my cousins.


Once arrived, we basically choose the clay (priced differently) that we wanted. Then, hubby actually went over to the cashier to ask if we need to pay first. The cashier informed us to be seated first and he brought us the colours that match the designs we choose. And, we began colouring – for about an hour and more.


In Plaster Fun House, there is also a light food and drink corner. And, hubby ordered a ice caffe latte, which is really house brewed. After completing the colouring, hubby informed the assistant there, who then sprayed one layer of liquid on it before hand-drying it. The clays were then wrapped in a box respectively and handed back to us. We made the payment for the clays and also the drink at the cashier before we left. I like this kind of feeling when the shop owner trusts the customers of making payment at the end of the session.


Well, what I would say about this place – it is a great time to spend with your loved ones. I observed that most of the customers are families with kids. Also, there are young adults. Some parents choose to leave their kids there with the maid while they go shopping.


The price of clays is considered reasonable. I guess we will be back there again when we are free to complete the whole set of angry birds.

The clays we choose

After completing colouring the clays

After the layer of spray

Payment made

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