Manicure and pedicure plus hand spa @ Cool Nails, Taman Megah – PJ

Since hubby is going to his weekly acupuncture session today, I took the “opportunity” to do manicure and pedicure in the same area (since I would be waiting for him too). Also, I have not done any since one or two months.

I rang up “Cool Nails”, whose contact I got from a discount site, since I remembered them promoting there. I fixed an appointment at 2.45 pm after enquiring their price of normal manicure at RM 28 and pedicure at RM 38 (which is cheaper than most malls and even HRH at SS2)

Upon arrival, I was immediately served. I was served by Yan for my pedicure and Honey (apparently is the boss) for my manicure. I wasn’t given the colour to choose for my nails immediately, until I asked Honey. In between, she did asked if I wanted to do gel polish, and if I wanted to add scrub (after she started applying lotion and found dirt around my wrist). Honey said that they were currently doing offer, where an additional RM50 will be charged for scrub/spa on the hand or leg (each part cost RM50). I only opted for the hand part since I thought it was rather costly and out of my budget, if I were to do both. The scrub/spa was done by their Malay/ foreign assistant that speaks in Malay. Everything including the surface dry up of the nail polishes took about one hour and 15 minutes.

The good things I see from them are:

  1. The hygiene level is quite good. I saw them sterilizing the tools before used, new towels used and each time after the customer left – they will wash up the leg basins.
  2. The place is spacious and therefore airy.
  3. I like the pedicure’s scrub on the foot, which was very nicely done. (Great thing, I no longer feel that ticklish or is it their skill?)
  4. My nail colour went off after I paid the bill. Yan actually re-did it for me without me saying anything
  5. And, of course, it is cheaper comparatively (for medicure and pedicure).

However, there are cons to their service too.

  1. The trimming of finger nails was bad (and yes, this is their “boss” doing it). I found it to be slightly out of shape and informed Yan, who put on the nail polish for me to check on it.
  2. The nail color I choose for my finger is apparently about to finish. Instead of replenishing a new bottle, Yan actually added some transparent liquid into the bottle. Therefore, when applied to my fingers, it took about three layers. Also, after the surface dried, it easily smudged.
  3. The brands of product they use are not consistent. Also, the choice of nail colours, though wide range, does not state which brand it belongs too.
  4. I really don’t think the scrub/spa should cost RM 50 (probably RM 10?). It was really pure scrub on the wrist and mask only on top of the hand area. And then, not even a wrap but just cover with a towel. I really regretted taking up this service but was fortunate that I agreed to do only on the hand area.
  5. I have no idea about the relationship between the Malay/ foreign employee and Honey, but she (the employee) kept complaining to me about how Honey is “jahat” to her. I shall not comment on this as I have no idea what was happening behind the scene, but I do think they should improve the relationship in order to serve the customers better. Anyway, so far, I find that the employee is actually diligent in her work, making sure that everything is in order without the need for instruction.

Well, overall, I feel I am kind of disappointment with the service provided by Cool Nails. It is unlikely that I will return especially after seeing how the nail polish was “replenish” and how it smudged so easily.

Quite spacious area at Cool Nails

The so-called “spa”

One thought on “Manicure and pedicure plus hand spa @ Cool Nails, Taman Megah – PJ

  1. Thank for your comments
    1.The Opi spa price, step, methods all follow by opi company instructions.Do you need the opi sales contact person no?company price never change or increase since open untill now.
    2.The old kakak still work there since seven years ago.Her character,we cant change her,but she is good in scrub.a lot customers like her scrub and massage.she is quit old.she only can do scrub, massage, callus remove.
    3.Any services if you feel no satisfied, pls inform us on spot.then we can serve you better.
    once again thank
    pls come and try us again.pls give us A chances to server you better.try kakak again.she is also improve now.

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