Popular Book Fair 13 March to 25 March 2012 @ Ikano Power Centre

I have been passing by and looking at the banner about this Popular Book Fair since one or two weeks ago. Finally, today during lunchtime, I popped over to the concourse of Ikano Power Centre. I managed to skimp through some books. And, left within 10 minutes.


Well, the discounts there are not that great. It was just the normal kind of discounts that Popular does give occasionally, which is 10% for non-member and 20% for members of normal value books and above RM10. The number of books showcase (for the case of self-help books) is minimal (probably because of the small area). Also, some books with the price tag “net value” is not on offer. For example, a Brian Tracy’s book that I wanted to buy was at net value. So, I end up not buying.


I think the book fair, is nothing to shout about. For me, it is really disappointing. In fact, I think they should have the book fair in their original outlet in Ikano Power Centre, which is much more spacious and more book choices available for book buyers.

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